Press release

IU Cyber, the European cluster dedicated to the cybersecurity of industrial and urban systems, has now become ECC4iu.

Founded in July 2017, the aim of the cluster is to support all types of projects and initiatives in the field of industrial and urban system security. This change of name is part of a new drive to develop the association.

Software and data networks are now at the core of industrial and urban systems, creating a range of vulnerabilities. Protection of these facilities however is still at an early stage. Moreover, recent cybersecurity events have revealed the fragility of these sensitive systems that govern our daily lives and our economy.


It was in order to resolve these issues and unite all those involved in industrial and urban systems cybersecurity, that the IU Cyber association, now known as The European Cybersecurity Cluster for Industrial and Urban systems (ECC4iu), was founded.

The cluster brings together operators of industrial and urban systems, suppliers and integrators of cybersecurity solutions and academic and research bodies. The objective is to provide information for industrial and urban system operators with respect to cyberthreats and solutions that offer protection.

After one year of existence, ECC4iu is seeking to develop its visibility and strengthen its international presence. For this, a new website ( has been created, together with the publication of new deliverables for the entire value chain. Projects aimed at identifying the skills levels of those involved in industrial and urban system cybersecurity are also set to be launched.

ECC4iu has also recently increased its staff numbers to ensure better coordination within the cluster, as well, as more proactively moderating the community and expanding its network of members. In the future, the cluster is aiming to bring together experts in other sectors, such as legal advisers and insurers. The aim is to gather all the knowledge and experience needed to provide members with a global response to cyberthreats.

“This is just the beginning of our adventure that we envisage as being constructive and federating within a climate of trust. We are counting on you to get involved in our project, so come and join us!” Jean-Christophe Mathieu, ECC4iu President, recently declared.