The word of the President

« Ladies and gentlemen,


Until a few years ago, when designing industrial systems (production, agri-food, biomedical, transport or even water treatment), the main concern of automation engineers and industrial computer scientists was the good performance of the system, while ensuring safety. Safety faced the intrinsic processes risks.

Since then, a new component has disturbed this balance. Software and digital networks are now everywhere at the heart of industrial and urban facilities. They offer many vulnerabilities favouring cyber-attacks.

The events of the last ten years leave us in no doubt about the ability of attackers to undermine these sensitive systems that govern our daily lives and our economy.

The waves of cyber-attacks, such as WannaCry and Not Petya have shown how vulnerable the industry is.

Faced with this observation, all the players in the value chain of industrial and urban systems: end-users or system operators, integrators and solution providers, consulting firms (insurance, technical expertise, etc.), solution providers and publishers, academic and training organizations, project management / ownership, among others, decided to collaborate within a new authority: the European Cybersecurity Cluster for Industrial and Urban systems (ECC4iu).

In conclusion, we are only at the beginning of an adventure that we want constructive and unifying in a trusty environment. We are counting on you to participate in our approach, so join us! ” »

Jean-Christophe Mathieu, President of ECC4iu