Urban spaces around the world are now developing smart grids to offer their citizens innovative services and offers. Cities are now constantly connected and are exposed at the same time to cyberattacks. ECC4iu intends raise awareness of the development of urban projects the dangers of cyber threats while informing them about solutions and best practices to cope.

More and more connected cities

Information and communication technologies are now at the heart of modern urban services. Smart cities today are banking on the Cloud and Big Data to enable residents and tourists to enjoy open and connected spaces. Public transport, energy and environment are among the issues of the connected city of tomorrow, which aims to promote the development of a smart lifestyle.

In fact, urban systems become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The increasing flow of data exposes smart cities many potential flaws. These risks threaten urban infrastructures, hospitals or even urban transport systems.

Cybersecurity: an indispensable protection for smart cities

To carry out their projects successfully and in a sustainable way, the development players of smart cities must make a point of honour to secure connected systems and infrastructures. Cybersecurity is a major factor in ensuring quality of services in smart cities. As smart cities’ technologies are still relatively young, they have security vulnerabilities which will not fail to escape cybercriminals.

Cyber-attacks on urban spaces have already struck. One of the most striking is the attack that paralyzed the electricity grid in the city of Kiev, Ukraine, in late 2016. The inhabitants were then deprived of electricity for over an hour.

A cyber-attack also targeted the computer systems of Atlanta, USA, on March 22, 2018. The hackers managed to paralyze the computers in the municipality and later claimed a ransom of $ 51,000 for unlock them.

ECC4iu offers a trusted ecosystem for exchanging and countering cyber threats

ECC4iu’s mission is to bring together all the stakeholders including industrial and urban system operators, suppliers and integrators of cybersecurity solutions, academic and research organizations within a trusted ecosystem. Our cluster aims ito inform operators of urban and industrial systems about cyber threats and existing solutions to protect themselves.

ECC4iu also offers operators the opportunity to learn about good practices in the implementation of new connected systems and the development of industrial and urban projects. You will soon find on our website guides and white papers to learn how to cope with cyberattacks. We also organize events to allow the various actors to exchange around their experience feedback like Scadays whose first edition was held in Lyon in February 2018.