ECC4iu’s main vocation is to federate the stakeholders of the industrial and urban systems cybersecurity. The priority is to offer them a trusted ecosystem. Indeed, trust is the key word in a field as significant as that of the cybersecurity.

The missions of the cluster are multiple. ECC4iu aims to inform the industrial and urban system operators on the cyber threats and solutions to protect themselves. The trusted ecosystem also allows exchanges and sharing of information, best practices and experience feedbacks.

ECC4iu also support actors in cybersecurity fundamentals training by enabling them to develop their skills in this field. To do this, the system operators are invited to take part in operational reference frames. The cluster also permit the equipment suppliers/OEMs and software publishers to interact with other industry players to better understand the expectations of their customers.

In the future, the cluster will aim at gathering experts of other sectors such as lawyers or insurers. The objective is to join all knowledge and experience needed in order to provide members with the broadest possible response to cyberthreats.